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Are Your Employees Quiet Vacationing? You Make The Call

Quiet vacationing is the new term used to describe employees taking secret vacation time without using PTO. Rather than working for a full day, workers create the façade that they are working a full day by periodically doing work tasks like answering emails, responding to messages, taking phone calls, and attending virtual meetings.

Even though 68 percent of workers reported they definitely think their manager supports them taking time off, a little more than one-third of workers reported they always use their allotted PTO. One in five only "sometimes" use their allotted PTO, with six percent rarely (and two percent never) using their PTO. This is generally attributed to the fact that many workers worry that taking time off will affect their job security.

Thirty percent of workers reported being "too anxious" to ask for time off. Similarly, 30 percent of workers reported concerns about being laid off. More than one-third of workers surveyed said they were worried about the time off itself. Caroline Colvin "Quiet vacationing: What's this summer work trend?" hrdive.com (Jun. 06, 2024).

So, the question for our readers is: Are Your Employees Quiet Vacationing?

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Jack McCalmon, Esq.

Employers should openly encourage their employees to take PTO for many reasons. The most important reason is mental health and the other is balance. Another important aspect is that PTO is viewed as a valuable benefit that retains your talent.

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