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Misclassification Part Two: What Are The Tests?

Leslie Zieren

In "Misclassification, Part One," we examined the nature of the problem. In this blog, Leslie Zieren explains how to determine the proper classification of workers as employees or independent contractors. Read more...


When Minors Abuse Minors: What You Should Know About This Often Overlooked Risk


A 17-year-old is accused of sexually abusing and photographing two grade-school children. Learn how to be aware of this risk. Read more...


Is There a Cougar On The Prowl In Your Workplace? Managers Beware

Kirstin Heffner

Kirstin Heffner discusses why workplace affairs are never a good idea. Read more...


Misclassification Part One: The Nature Of The Problem

Leslie Zieren

Employers who classify a worker an independent contractor instead of an employee could face trouble from the worker, the DOL, and the IRS. Leslie Zieren explains. Read more...


Intoxication: How It Increases The Risk Of Sexual Abuse


A community's funeral director is arrested after police discover he gave alcohol to an underage employee. We examine the sexual abuse risk for children. Read more...