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Ask Jack: Do Perpetrators Of Sexual Abuse Expect To Be Caught?

By Jack McCalmon, The McCalmon Group, Inc.

Do perpetrators of child sexual abuse expect to be caught? Some of the facts around the news stories about them makes me think some do.

I can't possibly know their mindsets or expectations, but I know most sexual perpetrators, like most criminals, want to avoid being caught. They will go to great lengths to avoid punishment.

Take for instance, a Texas man, that upon hearing his guilty verdict for sexual assault, chugged from a water bottle and was later found dead, the suspicion being he drank poison.


The takeaway is that most sexual offenders, like other types of criminals, do not want to get caught. That is why creating and maintaining a child safe environment is so important. When faced with an environment that takes child safety seriously, most perpetrators or potential perpetrators will move elsewhere or not commit the crime.

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