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Organized Piles of Mess - How Readers Responded to Our Messy Desk Survey

We recently asked our readers, "How Messy is Your Desk?" This is how they responded:
  • Desk? I can't see a desk because of the clutter. (2%)
  • My desk is messy, but I can find the phone. (18%)
  • I have organized piles of mess. (63%)
  • I could eat off my desk, it is so clean. (14%)
Commentary and Checklist

The good news is that only a small percentage of respondents cannot see their desks because of the clutter. On the other hand, most respondents are dealing with organized piles of mess, which leaves a lot of room for organizational improvement.

A tidy desk or office space can reduce stress, increase efficiency and improve an employee's professional image all at the same time. In many cases, coming to work to a clean and organized workplace can increase morale and even productivity.

Employees should take ten minutes each day to maintain a tidy workspace, once it is organized. Here are some additional tips for workspace maintenance:
  • Clean out your inbox or folder at the end of each day so that it is empty for the next day.
  • At the end of the day, make sure you have answered all necessary emails and delete where possible.
  • Create files for even your organized piles and put them in a file drawer at the end of the day.
  • Every week, clean out your files, both email and filing cabinets. Create new files where needed and make sure you are ready to start fresh the following week.
  • Once your desktop is organized, take a few minutes to actually clean your workspace, computer, phone, etc.
  • Clean out your files quarterly, recycling files that you are finished with or no longer need.
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