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Is Social Media the Answer to Creating a Positive Workplace Culture?

A positive workplace culture is a cornerstone for building a successful business. Deloitte LLP has released findings from a new study conducted by Harris Interactive that looks at the workplace culture from the perspectives of both executives and employees. The survey then takes a closer look at the impact social media has on workplace culture, revealing key differences in how executives and employees view social media's role.

According to the survey, 76 percent of executives see a good business strategy as the most important factor in a successful business while only 62 percent rate well-defined beliefs and values as most important. Employees see these two factors as more equally important (57 percent and 55 percent respectively).

Sixty-two percent of executives feel that competitive compensation has the biggest effect on work culture, but only 33 percent of employees agree. Employees report consistent and honest communication (50 percent) and access to management (47 percent) as having the most influence on workplace culture.

So how do executives and employees views on social media fit into the overall picture? Forty-one percent of organizational leaders consider social media a tool that can help build workplace culture, while only 21 percent of employees feel the same way.

Forty-five percent of executives report that social media has a positive impact on work culture and 38 percent say it allows for more transparent management. Employees' responses differ, however, at 38 percent and 17 percent respectively. "The Social Divide - Employees, Executives Disagree on the Role of Social Media in Building Workplace Culture: Deloitte Survey," www.deloitte.com (June 13, 2012).


The findings reported in the source article are enlightening for employers. Social media provides great marketing tools for employers. However, according to the survey, employers are overestimating its influence on workplace culture. If the survey is correct, employees prefer two-way communication and direct access to management versus indirect access via social media..

Evaluating the risks versus benefits is imperative to creating an effective social media policy tailor-made for an organization. With a good policy in place and an appropriate balance between social media and personal contact, an organization can foster a positive workplace culture.

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